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Scott Pilgrim Comic vs Movie Blog Article

Scott Pilgrim: Comic vs Movie Review

When I saw the trailer, I wasn’t as impressed with the movie, there was a lot going on in the trailer that didn’t really make sense. It seemed like the Speed Racer trailer. A movie trailer that never intrigued me to watch the movie. But, when I saw the first jam scene...
Ready Player One Blog Article

Ready Player One - Movie Review

When I saw the trailer it seemed like the story of the movie was like just another common game. Complete levels, collect a bunch of objects, open the gates, and win the game. However, the graphics, characters, and the retro music in the trailer left me quite...
Mission Impossible Fallout Blog Article

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout - Movie Review

I have always been a fan of the Mission Impossible series. Ethan Hunt intrigued me in the first movie, where he pulled off the incredibly impossible mission of hacking into the CIA to steal the NOC list. At that time, it was the incredibly accurate planning...
The Fifth Wave Blog Article

The Fifth Wave - Movie Review

A very good Sci-Fi film about an alien invasion. This movie explores a very subtle realistic take on an alien invasion. The aliens, referred to as ‘The Others’ are here to take over the planet, however, they do not wish to destroy the planet in the process, instead...
Warcraft Movie Blog Article

Warcraft - Movie Review

To all those who have never played the game ‘Warcraft’, this movie will surely entice you to play the game. As I am not as much into gaming, I have played this game only for a brief period, however, I’m sure it is a wonderful experience for gamers around the world...
Tokyo Ghoul Blog Article

Tokyo Ghoul - Season 1 - Anime Review

The dictionary meaning of ‘Ghoul’ is ghosts, or someone who steals dead bodies from graves for monetary gain. That’s a pretty accurate name for the title of our story. In ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ apart from humans, you step into the life of ghouls, a life form whose body is...
Lucifer S03E07 Blog Article

Lucifer - Season 3 Episode 7 - Review

This particular episode stands apart from the rest of the stories, because it completely explains how Hell functions. It clarifies how the guilty are tormented for their crimes. However, before we speak about that, let’s get up to speed with what Lucifer is about...
Avengers Infinity War Blog Article

Avengers: Infinity War - Movie Review

Yes, I was sceptical for an entire year, wondering whether Infinity War would be good enough, especially after how epic Avengers was, after how interesting Avenger: Age of Ultron was, and yes, after how captivating Captain America: Civil War was. But, Avengers Infinity War...

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