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Unsure Comics Review 1

Instances - It's epic! Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

I have been an avid anime and manga fan since forever. And when I heard that a new comic was about to come out, whose author and illustrator are Japanese comic fans too, I just couldn't wait for the release! Instances is everything I hoped it to be. Not only is it of Indian make, but encompasses everything that a great comic is supposed to be! I finished the first chapter in minutes. The artwork, the story theme, dialogues, comic reliefs -- are amazing!

The story follows Luke and his crew of six people from different centuries, all contributing with their unique set of knowledge and skill set, to help Luke on his mission to save his timeline. The comic touches upon a lot of great cult fictions like matrix, batman, Ironman, etc. Seeing these references make it very refreshing and entertaining. My favourite character so far has been Vivek, loved his humour to bits! He had me in splits while reading!

I cannot wait to see what lies ahead and see how the story concludes. Will Luke save his planet? Will he save it, but will there be more alterations to it? What happens to the crew? Will it be a happy ending for them? Or do they lose themselves or their lives along the way??

This comic is brought by the same team behind the Unsure/Uncertain comics and I loved those, so I knew for a certainty, that this would be epic as well. Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

Shreya Sen

Unsure Comics Review 2

Instances - Different characters from different eras teaming up! Can't wait!

I really like the plot of this story which involves characters from different centuries and their different personalities. This story will require a great amount of teamwork for them to accomplish their goals and I am really looking forward to see how that happens. This story has good character development of not just the protagonist but all the rest of the crew as well and I hope the characters will have equal attention to their individual story in the future as well. This story will require a lot of knowledge about the history about different eras and I would like it as accurate as possible. I am not really a fan of the sci-fi genre but I really liked the plot of the story.

I see that there would be a lot of chaos due to the different beliefs of the different characters and I look forward to it. I like the personalities of all the characters and hope they don’t get too much influenced by others. I hope there will not be too much influence of future technologies in the past and would like the characters to stick to their goals. I think this is going to be a really long story so I would like the unimportant and obvious parts of the story to be skipped over. I feel that the comics are too short, unsatisfying and take too much time to make so I would like if there is also novel of this story rather than just a script. All in all I really like the story’s plot and character development so far and looking forward to the rest of the story.

Rohan Matle

Unsure Comics Review 3

Instances - A new and fresh concept where plants revolt against human injustice

Instances is truly a well written script, as we know it is about the plants revolting and refusing to give resources to humans for free which is a great plot, the idea is new and fresh, just what attracts people's attention. What makes the story even more intriguing is that our protagonist goes back in time to form a team that can defend the earth from this war. In this part of the story, plot holes are cautiously avoided because the author has kept all the laws of time travel in mind.

All together the Instances comic not only delivers good content with proper action, but it also teaches us moral values and warns us about the environmental hazards.

Anubhav Ghosh

Unsure Comics Review 4

Instances - An amazing Sci-fi story

'Instances', a story where science fiction is shown in the best possible way. I have been tracking the growth of this story for a long time. I was present during the conception of this story. Don't worry l won't give out any spoilers. 'Instances' has a great storyline and a very unique concept. It shows us how we are using the resources of this planet negligently. I'm dying to see the next issue as I have waited for a very long time. One of my most favorite characters is Lajvanti. She is the perfect balance of cute and wild nature, and of course, she looks extremely stunning. I want to see new issues and am still waiting for those.

Prathamesh Matkar

Unsure Comics Review 5

Instances - A really unique concept

It’s great to see Indie comics coming from India. Instances is based on a really unique concept about individuals from different timelines teaming up. I am eager to see how they bring in cultures from different eras together. Just the concept gives this comic an immense potential to be creative and fun. The graphics too are superb and on par with global standards. Vivek is fun and Lajvanti is sexy. Looking forward to learning more about all the characters in the coming chapters.

Vishwesh Shetty

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