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Instances Scripts


Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Action
Age: 18 to 40 (Mature)
Synopsis: Planet Earth has reached its impending doom by the 23rd Century because of pollution. And just when all hope seems lost, Luke discovers a way to time-travel. He sets on a journey to understand India's history and prevent the greatest tragedies in order to save planet earth. He recruits 5 individuals from each century, and comes across Chance, who is also trying to save the world, but hell-bent on ridding the earth of its plague, the human race.

Read the scripts:
Issue 01: Waking Up (Free)
Issue 02: No Escape (Free)
Issue 03: You Volunteered
Issue 03.1: The Roller Coaster Ride (Mature)
Issue 03.2: The Indian Goddess (Mature)
Issue 04: Choices and Sacrifices
Issue 05: The Orientation
Issue 06: The Dawn of Lawlessness
Issue 07: Plant Consciousness
Issue 08: Plants vs Humans
Lost and Found Scripts

Lost And Found

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure
Age: 8 to 17 (All Ages)
Synopsis: Lyle is the founder of a kid detective agency in his school. They aim to solve mysteries, retrieve objects, catch culprits for their wrong-doing, and help fellow kids in exchange for food coupons, chocolates, discount coupons, and movie tickets. With his unusually gifted band of team-mates, Lyle uncovers a supernatural world of mysteries, hidden from the normal world.

Read the scripts:
Issue 01: A Real Murder (Free)
Issue 02: A Real Vampire (Free)
Dares vs Roses Scripts

Dares vs Roses

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Age: 8 to 17 (All Ages)
Synopsis: Michael and Kimberly, twins and archenemies, are hell-bent on proving that their gender is better than the other. The boys call themselves Dares and the girls prefer the name Roses. And they battle each other in some fierce and dangerous tasks to prove their worth, and land in the middle of a 500 year old feud between supernatural beings.

Read the scripts:
Issue 01: Match No. 9 (Free)
Issue 02: The Crocodile Attack (Free)
Issue 03: The Bull-sized Wildcats
Issue 04: The Blood-stained Underwear
Issue 05: You're Grounded!
Candy Floss Hunters Scripts

Candy Floss Hunters

Genre: Humour, Drama, Fantasy
Age: 8 to 25 (All Ages)
Synopsis: Being an evil monster like a Vampire, a Werewolf, or a Mummy is surely a full-time job, but what do these monsters do when they are not plotting against humans or scheming to take over the world? What are their hobbies, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what is their purpose in their immortal existence? Candy Floss Hunters is a band formed by 5 monsters who wish to make good music, perform for the world and get some appreciation in return.

Read the scripts:
Issue 01: The Inception (Free)
Issue 02: The Sun Mansion (Free)
Unsure Uncertain Scripts

Unsure Uncertain

Genre: Music, Drama, Comedy
Age: 18 to 40 (Mature)
Synopsis: Unsure Uncertain is a Mumbai-based Rock Band formed by a few engineering students.

Read the scripts:
Issue 07: The Blood Brawl

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