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A Mumbai-based Comic Book Company

Unsure Comics

A Mumbai-based Comic Book Company

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Unsure Incertain Issue 01

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 01

Unsure Uncertain seldom rendezvoused at Thane Station for their jams. Guddu was in a terrible mood that day, but it didn’t stop Seiji from picking on Guddu. Find out how Guddu coped with his anger and Seiji’s tomfoolery.

Unsure Incertain Issue 02

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 02

The band was shortlisted for the V Launch Pad Auditions. They didn’t believe it, and hence didn’t practice for the auditions. Find out what happened at the venue, apart from being decently horrible during the auditions.

Unsure Incertain Issue 03

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 03

Unsure Uncertain played punk rock in its early years. They entered yet another audition at Nair Hospital’s band event. Find out what happened at the auditions, and the reason behind their rejection this time.

Unsure Incertain Issue 04

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 04

Unsure Uncertain was not making any headway in the music scene. Seiji discovered that the primary reason behind the band’s lack of progress was Weaver’s vocals. Find out how Seiji persuaded Weaver to step down from being the frontman of the band.

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Latest Issues

Instances Issue 01 Buy Page

Instances Issue 01

Luke is a Time-traveler from the 23rd Century. He has assimilated a team of 6 individuals from 6 different centuries on his mission to save planet earth from its inevitable destruction. Find out how they react to space, time-travel, and the mission.

Instances Issue 02 Buy Page

Instances Issue 02

Luke's first day with the crew takes an ugly turn when Debra tries to escape and gets sucked out in space. Will Luke be able to save her? Find out why each of the crew member signed up for this dangerous mission.

Unsure Incertain Issue 05 Buy Page

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 05

Unsure Uncertain has a new vocalist. He is their friend ‘Pandey’ who is the former vocalist of a band named ‘Crystal Meth’. Find out how the band makes music during their jam sessions, where do they jam, and what happens while they wait for their new vocalist.

Unsure Incertain Issue 06 Buy Page

Unsure Uncertain
Issue 06

It has been four weeks, and Pandey has only appeared for one jam. Find out how the band is jamming without their new lead vocalist. Are Pandey’s incredible excuses true, or is Pandey ditching them after all?

Dares Vs Roses Issue 01 Comic Page

Dares Vs Roses Issue 01

Boys who call themselves Dares and girls who prefer the name Roses battle each other in some fierce and dangerous tasks to prove who is better, and land in the middle of a 500 year old feud between supernatural beings.

Candyfloss Hunters Issue 01 Comic Page

Candyfloss Hunters Issue 01

What do monsters like Vampires, Werewolves, and Mummies do when they are not plotting against humans or scheming to take over the world? Candy Floss Hunters is a band formed by 5 monsters who wish to make good music, perform for the world and get some appreciation in return.

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